2 years and 3 months….

It has been 2 years and 3 months since my last post. Clearly this means nothing has happened in my life since then, right?

I was reminded today how terrible I have been with completely ignoring this site. I guess you could say I was given some inspiration to start this back up, but actually do it this time, and have some meaning. It’s pretty easy to tell the 4-5 previous posts were nothing special, and was my very poor attempt to try to be a blogger.

So, what will I write about? I’m going to write about me, my life, and my travels, volunteerism, and maybe a little bit of work. I constantly hear, “you’re so busy”, “you travel so much”, “you should have a show”. Well this will be my own little show, for those family and friends who want to know about my life, and how interesting it is.

So it begins.

So much has happened. Moved a few times, (re)met my future husband Colt, traveled to Europe and Hawaii with him, got engaged, bought a house, lost my first dog Brewser (boxer) to Leukemia, lost an amazing friend to cancer,  had a huge party/wedding, went on an incredible honeymoon, got a new puppy, gained some new friends, traveled some more, got a promotion at work, lost a relative, and here we are now.

Let’s start on a happy note, the puppy! We got Walter almost 2 years ago, right after we bought the house. He is a pyde French bulldog, and rules the house.

IMG_3589 IMG_4263 IMG_4070


RIP Brewser – my first pet as an “adult”, such an amazing fur baby. I got Brewser in college, hence the name. Later he went to live with my Papaw & Mamaw to help keep them young, and he quickly became their best friend.


The heartbreak:

My sweet friend Ashley Marshall Hobbs, lost her battle with cancer this past June. If there were ever a model friend, she was it. She loved deeply, and never met a stranger. It’s hard to lose a  friend so early in life, in fact, its’ just not fair. My only regret was telling her I would see her next weekend,  and not getting that weekend. But I know I’ll see her again one day.

There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go. God has a plan, we may not like it, but there’s always a reason. Say I love you more than you should, be as nice as you can be, and never regret this life. Now you can smile and dance little girl.


The happy:

Wedding: 10/4/14 Bella Vita Ranch in Stephenville, Texas (no neither one of us is from there, the venue sells itself). 300 guests, live band (Poo Live Crew), Mexican food, and memories for a lifetime.

shannon+colt01 shannon+colt14 shannon+colt152 shannon+colt428


The Honeymoon: French Polynesian islands (Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, Raitea, Huahine – aboard the Silver Shadow – Silversea Cruise Lines).


  • Canyoning = cave crawling in the dark with wet suits, helmets, flashlights – includes jumping into black holes of water, repelling, and 8 hours of pure madness.
  • Swimming with sharks and sting rays
  • Renting a jeep and a fast car, both very tiny
  • Having the best 2 weeks of our new life together!

IMG_2826 IMG_2871 IMG_2890 SAM_0443 IMG_2813 IMG_2923 IMG_2933 IMG_2956 IMG_2818

So that’s a brief update in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more stories, like my travel to the state capitol today to lobby on behalf of architects.

Thanks friends – Non

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I did it!

I did it!

After a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, 7 Registration exams, 5,600 training hours, blood, sweat, and tears (lots of tears), I finally did it! I am finally an official ARCHITECT! Passed my last exam in September, and received the official registration letter in October. Yes, I am tooting my own horn, this is one of my greatest achievements so far, now to get the pretty paper from the state, signed, and framed to hang with my degrees!

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Friendly Competition

Often at work we have what I would call “friendly competitions”. This time we were challenged to complete a piece of artwork, to be judged. The winner would get an awesome prize of $500.00, who wouldn’t want that!

So I took a weekend, went to Jo Anne’s, bought a canvas and some paint, and got started. When I paint, I never have ANY clue what I’m doing. I usually just go with the flow. This day, I sat outside and painted in the midst of summer mosquitoes  which made me want to rush through the project.

The painted started out VERY bold and bright. This just didn’t feel right, so I decided to tone it down with some lighter, summer colors. For a final touch, I took Chopper’s paws and made him leave is mark on the canvas… after all  he had been watching me paint for over an hour, I felt it only necessary for him to help!

I need to paint more… I really miss this!

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Just some abstract paintings

Recently I have been into some abstract art… just let the paint slop on the canvas and call it a day. Below are some very poorly taken pictures, but you get the idea… I wish I had more time to paint, but studying and work get in the way.. that’s life.

This one above I painted to match my living room walls… I like the background better than the words.. I may have to rethink this one.

I did the ones above to match a new bed set. If you look closely, you can see that I “let” the dogs walk on the middle one.. the scratch and paw prints gave it a little something..

I did this one for an art class, it actually got class favorite and my professor kept it.. it’s just abstract.

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Repurpose It!

Repurpose Found Items

So.. About a month ago, we had a contest where we had to take found items and turn them into something else..anything you wanted. I had just visited my Aunt’s house and taken lots of arts and craft items from her, and other things she no longer wanted. So, from these things I created a jewelry holder and a coat holder/decorative element.

The first is the jewelry holder… I had already made one of these before, so it wasnt hard to make or come up with the idea. The first one I ever made was from an old barn window.. add some cup hooks, nails and wires and youre done! See below

The second item (which I made for the competition) is a smaller version of the jewelry holder above. This time, I painted the wood to give it an old feel and removed the wood sqaures in the middle.

The last item I made is the decorative wall piece/coat holder… I took antique door knobs, a door rosette, and a wood plaque.

So… there are a few of my latest projects… I have so much more to upload!

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Devon Lynn’s Beads and More

My first blog is not going to be about me, but rather one on my relatives. My Aunt Devon, my mom’s oldest sister. Devon, has always been crafty and has the ability to create the most precise, detailed pieces of art. She managed to create thousands of hand crafted ornaments, paintings, etc. all while running a large corporate company, that took the majority of her time. This will make you wonder… how in the world does someone so busy, find the time, and energy to create such detailed works of art.

Today, I would like share her latest passion, glass bead making. For over a year now, Devon has been making glass beads in her shop. Upon visiting her this weekend and asking to see some of these beads, I found out just how many she has made. We are talking boxes and boxes of glass beads, all different colors, sizes, textures, designs, the list goes on. The only “situation” that exists is, she needs to sell them, share them with others, not just let them sit in her house where they can’t be showed off and appreciated.  Being the person I am, I decided to do this for her, and what better way, than to blog and spread the word.

Back to this weekend, I asked Devon to show me her beads, because I was interested in taking them and using them for jewelry pieces. After spreading out a box of beads on the table, Devon brought out boxes and boxes of wire, rope, tools, jewelry making kits, etc. I immediately had an idea for a necklace. Below is a picture of the first piece we made. We took hemp rope, added beads, added knots, added more beads… and now you have a perfect summer necklace!

From there, we decided to make a ring, earrings, and a bracelet. The ring is made from wire and flat glass bead, with more wire and smaller beads, added for a pop! The ends of the wire are twisted into Curly Q’s to make it fun! The bracelet is made from thick wire that can be manipulated to any shape. For this piece, we kept with the green and purple beads for the summer feel, and to match the bracelet and necklace. Finally, for the earrings, we decided to use small purple glass beads, with silver wire. The wire was again twisted and curly q’s were added.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoy the jewelry we made, and if you are interested in purchasing some beads, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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